Friday, May 21, 2010

A fasting... of sorts

Last night I packed up all my crafting supplies. They won't make their way out again until Monday. I'm going to have a full house and a crazy busy weekend, so everything needed to be put away. I have not been real committed to crafting lately, I just have not felt motivated. So, I'm very mindful about the fact right now that I have put everything away. I thought about each item as I put it in the boxes, i honored each thing. And now, I can not be near it for several days. I wasn't appreciative of it this week, but with it gone, I will miss it like mad.

I will fast from crafting, and then I'm pretty sure that I will dive in and be very productive. Next Tuesday I will let you know!

What do you do to create the desire again?


Mary said...

Robyn, sometimes we need to fast from creating in order to appreciate it. I seem to go in spurts...very creative at times and then very little creating. Suddenly the desire will hit me to create and then I'm off and running for weeks. I guess it's something like a binge drinker. LOL

Enjoy your weekend.

Marie said...

(((Robyn))) ~ I agree with Mary ;D There are days where I can't get the motivation either. When I feel like that I try to look for something new, something I've never tried before ~ that way it gets me excited about creating again. Also, talking with all of you is inspiring and motivating to me :D Hope you have a great weekend.

Cheers and Blessings!

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