Monday, May 24, 2010

Love Fest

As my loyal readers know, I'm the journal making sponsor for Connie's Art Journal Love Letter's class I have loved every minute of creating for her students, knowing that they are on a life-altering journey and the journals that I create help them on their way.

I also have thoroughly enjoyed reading Connie's blog, and seeing her personal jouney. Dirty Footprints Studio has become a place where I want to go and relax, and see what amazing revelations there are today.

Today, though, is a very special day for Dirty Footprints Studio. Connie is one of the featured artists on Crescendoh. I've only recently discovered Crescendoh, but reading the stories about how art saves is truly inspiring. Let's all go over there and show Connie some love!


Connie said...

Today is actually all about you Robyn!! Shine! Shine! Shine!!

Big hugs,

TheHappySoul said...

Absolutely agree with connie! You are fabulous, and you deserve to shine on, Sunshine!


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