Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Get Out of Your Own Way!

I was doing a lot of thinking yesterday about dreams vs. goals. I am a good list maker, and I'm good at breaking down goals into manageable steps. Then I keep at it til I accomplish it. I'm pretty ok with goals.

Dreams are another story. To me, dreams are way out there. Perhaps even unattainable, which is an impossibility. We wouldn't be given the ability to dream if our dreams were all unattainable.

Let me pluck a dream out of the air and use it as an example. I dream of writing a book. Well, 2 actually, one novel and one self-help. But life is busy. But I work so much. But But But. If I were to stop ACCEPTING the buts, and work towards it, perhaps it would get done.

I dream of being a success. But I don't deserve to be. But I'm ok with blending in. But I don't want to draw attention to myself. Sound familiar? How about, I dream of doing that craft show... But I don't have the entry fee. But I'm better online than I am in person. But I'm shy. But it will be a lot of work. I can tell you this: there is a reason that it's your dream! Get out of your own way and allow the flow!

I constantly am aware of how I get in my own way. How I set up roadblocks. I'm aware, and I'm working on it. I think I will dissect the dreams a little, and create manageable GOALS to work towards the dreams. I am going to work on getting out of my own way!


Marie said...

(((Robyn))) ~ you go girl!! I will also take your advice and get out of my own way. Love your inspiration, it helps keep me going to.

Missy-Ellen said...

Great post. I'm realizing now that those big dreams I have are attainable. Maybe by right now, but in time. I've learned to realize my limitations and 'chip away' at all those small tasks that can come together to realize a dream. Well written, thanks for sharing :)

Mary said...

Robyn, Excellent post. All of our dreams are attainable and you're right. We are often in our own way. Thanks for the reminder.


Connie said...


YOU are so big and shiny and bright and powerful. You create amazing gifts to this world---and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get that gift out there.

Accept it.

The price you have to pay for being fabulous!

Big hugs!

KanYoFuse said...

Great post Robyn. Can I get you to sign all your photos that I have now so I don't have to deal with your assistant in future? : ) You have a gift. I can't wait to see where it takes you.

TheHappySoul said...

Absolutely agree with everyone's comments! YOU ARE AMAZING! I thank the stars everyday that I found you, and I'm so excited to see where you go! I'll be grabbing onto your coattails and learning along the way!


Charmed Gifts said...

You were right... it's a good one today! (well, your posts are great everyday) Your wording is perfect. 'Stop accepting the buts' and 'there is a reason that it's your dream!' I am definately going to work on getting out of my own way. = )

♥ Charm

ardee said...

My dream was always to have my own business and at 54, out of work..again...because of the place I loved to work at and put 200% into..closed....I finally decided to do it. 2010 started out rough and I was sure it was going to be the worse year of my life but lo and behold tomorrow I'm opening my own store. It's not much but its mine!!

and Robyn, because of friends like you who believed in me and made me feel worthy, I finally believed in myself and that I could do it if I just tried.

So I'm here to say You can do whatever you want to do. I think writing a book is a fantastic idea and would be such an important contribution to the world!! I say that from the bottom of my heart!
I believe in you! xxoo

giggles'N' rainbows said...

Robyn...You can do it...Whatever it is!
These comments are wonderful. I'm so happy for you Ardee, and your life story proves that dreams can come true.

Crystal said...

You always have an uncanny way of putting my feelings into print! Thanks for giving me a push to try to stop getting in my own way!

I'm so glad I've had this opportunity to "meet" you!!! :)

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