Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I don't feel like I have been very productive for several days. I have a couple journals in the works that I haven't been able to finish for one reason or another. I don't have finished products to show for my time. And, I have sat idle. Yep, me. The queen of busy. I have sat, doing nothing. Well, thinking about how I should be making stuff. But physically still. That's good right? I mean, it can be. It can be good to sit and be still. Unless you let the guilt creep in, like I have.

This evening, after work, I will be more mindful of the guilt. Not to let it win, but to find a balance. A balance where I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off. A balance where I'm smoothly creating, and I'm enjoying it. Not just a production machine.

That's my plan. What monster do you deal with?


Marie said...

((Robyn)) ~ Of course, it's okay to sit and be still ~ never feel guilty about that ;D Me, my monster is procrastination, the constant, oh I will get to that tomorrow but for some reason tomorrow never comes, lol :D

TheHappySoul said...


It's perfectly ok to sit and relax! The trick is to NOT feel guilty about doing it. :) You work so hard all day long and then you go home and work more. I'd say you do enough work for both of us, Don't ever feel guilty about taking a break!

As for me, my monster is procrastination and lack of motivation for doing anything that isn't creative. Basically, if it's not creative, I don't want to do it. :P


Crystal said... I was waiting for the comment section to load I was thinking my monster is procrastination! LOL!!!! Guess I'm not the only one! I don't even know why I procrastinate doing what I love to my mind I see myself being productive and happy and perfect...but really things are piling up, I'm TIRED, and completely unmotivated!

You all inspire me...I'm going to accomplish some things today!!!
((((((ROBYN, MARIE, THERESA)))))))

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