Monday, May 3, 2010

Saying Yes

A couple months ago, I made my first leather bound journal. Shortly thereafter, my friend Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio asked me if I was still making journals. (I had sold all of my journals out of my shop and taken a break from them so I could come back with a fresh perspective.) So.... the very day that I put journals back into my shop, Connie asks me if I am still making journals. She is teaching an art journaling class and would like me to make journals for the students who want one like hers.

I almost said no. My inside voices were screaming about how I couldn't do it. About how I'd be setting myself up for disappointment. About how these are ARTISTS and my journals wouldn't be good enough.

Thankfully, though, I talked it over with my soul sister, and she gave me that shove. "Try it at least for 3 months she told me". So, I dove in. I said yes.

I have now made many journals for Connie's students. Many of them look exactly like this. But I have now made several custom journals as well. I have made a special leather bound scrapbook for a wedding, and I also made the journal pictured at the top of this post... a 400 page journal for an aspiring writer.

Remember, a bit after Dad died, I wrote a post about how all I want is to help people, I want that more than anything, but I just felt like I have nothing to give right now? Look what happened when I wasn't even trying to help people... I said yes. I am going with the flow, and now trusting that the ways for me to HELP others will be shown to me, just as this was.

I urge you to check out Connie's blog at

also... check out her Art Journal LOVE Letters online workshop

The next time an opportunity comes rolling at you... think twice before darting out of it's way. You may just want to say yes and see where it takes you.


Connie said...

I'm so happy you said yes!!! I can't wait to get my Art Journal and fill it full of LOVE.

Big hugs!! Big, big, big hugs!!

Crystal & Anna said...

You're such an inspiration!!!
Yeah for time traveling engineers! ;)

Feithline said...

I am *so* glad you said yes to Connie because I am totally in love with my art journal. It arrived on Thursday, and I spent Friday getting to know it and falling in love with it. You have inspired me to learn bookbinding. Thanks so much. :)

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