Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Neighbor Pizzeria

Here are just a couple photos to show my work hanging at the Good Neighbor Pizzeria at 800 NE Dekum, Portland, OR. It will stay up until June 1. If you are in the area, do stop by and check it out! Their food is amazing, too!

I wasn't able to go to hang the work. A very dear friend did it for me, I was working at the time. This week has had many stressors, between work, all the journals, hanging at the pizza place, etc... Yesterday I was exhausted. I trudged through work. I took the night off from journal making. I needed the break.

Yesterday at work, I lost my cool. Like... venom shooting out of my face. This has happened a couple of times over the past week. I need to get to the root of this, I do not want my work day to be feeling like it is lately. That will be a tough one for me, wish me luck.

Tonight, I'm sure it'll be back to the daily grind as far as the journals go. I think I will make a few extras of this style and list in my shop!


TheHappySoul said...


Good luck with the job situation! I'll be mentally wrapping you with bubble wrap to keep the crazymakers out! I can't wait to see the new journals that you list, and you have totally been rocking on the production! You deserved that break last night. :)


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