Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Working Towards Goals

My goal last night was to make 6 journals. So, 6 journals were made. My wholesale order is about 2/3 complete. Life is good!

I'm sure you know that I am a listmaker. Idle time at work drives me crazy, so I make lists of all I need to do in the evening. I make lists of what to pack for trips, of emails I need to write, of goals.

These lists keep me on track. I refer to them often and I check my progress as I go. Another thing I do is I let someone know what my goals are. I make myself accountable. Last night, I posted on facebook that my goal was to make 6 journals. Then afterwards, I updated it to say how many I had made. It made me feel like I *had* to get them done, since I had stated I would.

That's what's been working for me lately. What works for you?


TheHappySoul said...

I'm still trying to figure out what works for me. LOL Believe it or not, I made my first To Do list this morning (another proof that we are on the same wave I'll be trying to stick to it as much as possible today, and I'm sure I'll be rearranging things, but at least it's all written down in front of my face. I think the one thing that works the best for me and really gives me that "push" that I need is when we meet online to keep each other accountable. Something about "ready, set, go!" really makes me get that extra umph under my butt to get things done.


designsbykari said...

I humbly concede my title of “list queen”!

I make lists for groceries and to do’s, but rarely goals. When I get an idea, something I want to do I tend to be impatient and jump in with both feet…I’m not sure if it works for me, but it sure keeps me happy :)

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