Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This journey of life

Life is such a winding road. Each and every day is a journey. I've learned that the Buddhist teachings are true. Their two main beliefs: Life is Hard; Life is ever-changing. Who can argue with that??
Last night I chose to ignore drama, and do my thing. I started a new journal size (will fit into a purse!), and I took photos of new pendants that I had made. I went into my coccoon and I nurtured me. It felt good.
I am great in a crisis. I keep a very level head til the end. I may fall apart later, but I'm excellent in the heat of the battle. I simply did not want that to be the energy draw last night. And I felt like I got some stuff done. I'm sure that at some point today or tomorrow, my attention will be drawn back to the teenager. But right now it's the eye of the storm and I'm recharging with my art.
Tonight I will sew the new journal, and start another. I will also pursue some new marketing avenues. Life IS indeed ever changing. And when that pendulum swings, I hope to be ready... emotionally recharged, shop stocked, marketing done... then I can take everything as it comes.
As I type this, my husband sitting next to me is listening to Obama's inauguration speech online. The time has come that's what he said... oh yes, the time has come for us all.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Good for you for ignoring the drama and focusing in on what you love!

Geoff Schutt said...

Robyn -- you have a way of making sure that you're in control, not only of the drama, but of your destiny.

Keep making it happen!

You're inspiring us.

Geoff & Eleanor

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