Monday, March 29, 2010

Creating Again

I had not created anything since my Dad's death on Feb. 13. Yep, basically a month and a half. Did not pick up the camera, didn't make a single thing. But this weekend I've made 6 journals, 6 photo paperweights, and photo'd 7 sets of photo greeting cards. I will work on listing them all throughout the day.

It feels amazing to be creating. At first, it was quite bittersweet because I had a strong urge to call Dad and tell him about the amazing new leather journal I made. But my friend Kevin assured me that now I have "direct connect" and can talk to Dad any time I'd like.

There are some possibly-amazing things afoot creative & business-wise for me... and I will keep you posted as those things unfold. My fingers are crossed, but I am going into new ventures only after a lot of soul searching and research. I know that the perfect avenues are right before me, and they'll still be there if I take a moment to reflect before choosing.

I wasn't ready before... for those new paths, for the healing that creativity would bring. But now I think I am ready.


TheHappySoul said...

OMG Yay! I'm so happy for you! Just reading the title of your post brought tears of happiness to my eyes. I'm so thrilled that you have gotten back to creating. It's such a huge part of who you are, and I'm sure that Dad is hugging you from above and leading you to new directions and possibilities. :) Can't wait to see what's in store for you over the next few months! I'm convinced it will be totally amazing!


Mary said...

Robyn, so glad you are moving forward. Kevin is right, you are directly connected to your Dad & can talk to him anytime you'd like.

Lovely new creations. Your creative juices are flowing and you're changing direction. I'm ecstatic for you.


designsbykari said...

I'm glad you're back at it. :) totally scooped up a journal.

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