Friday, December 11, 2009

Busy Month

December is always an amazingly busy month. All the last minute shopping, wrapping, putting up the tree, cleaning for company, work parties, family get-togethers. It's no wonder so many adults I know dislike Christmas. It's very hard to remember to breathe.

My plan for the weekend is to go through all the gifts I've bought throughout the year, sort them, and wrap them. That will be a huge task, but perfect for a weekend when freezing rain is in the forecast. I will also be mailing 2 custom orders. Those being on their way for gift-giving will be a huge load off of my mind.

The new year will bring much change for me. I may put my shop on vacation for a period of time in February. I will be moving, and even though it's a local move, I don't think I want to stress over other things while I'm doing it.

Speaking of change in the new year. I am phasing out my handbound journals. They are currently all in my clearance section. They will most likely be replaced with something exciting and new... at some point.

I know that you are all feeling the time crunch. Try to make some special time for yourself. And try to remember to breathe. Make lists, prioritize, delegate, whatever it is that works for you. The holidays are *supposed* to be joyous.


michiganhemp said...

Great advice! I'm finally getting all my custom orders and trades wrapped up...only 1 soap saver left to make, and then everything will be shipped! WooHOO! Then on to school work and trying to keep my sanity while the boys have all these days off from school. :P Taking time to breathe is most definitely on the agenda, though.


becky n said...

I was just thinking today, too, that when I get the package off that needs to be mailed, things will feel easier. I love Christmas and tried to get my family on the other coast to stop the gift thing so we could just focus on the season - but apparently they don't want to do that yet. So it's a little pressure, but not a biggie.

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