Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Day?

I don't watch the news, and I don't follow the weather report. I figure I hear what I need to hear from everyone at work. Perhaps that's why it was such a shock when it started snowing yesterday! I left work after it had snowed for about an hour. My boss kept saying it was stopping, but it was white out there and I saw no signs of an end. I was slightly afraid. Not of the snow... but because people here do not seem to be able to drive in the snow! It's astounding... the Pacific NW. But it is true. Whenever it snows, there's a large number of vehicles pulled to the side of any given road or freeway and abandoned. I've never seen that anywhere before!

It had just stopped snowing before I went to bed last night. So, I tossed and turned, wondering what my work schedule would be like today. I work in a sand and gravel pit. Very few dump trucks will work in the snow.

I get a late start. Then I basically get to decide. I don't like that. Of course, I do live on a hill, surrounded by people who can't drive in the snow. Ugh. I'll go out and assess it when the sun comes up.

Today is my birthday. And it's almost 2010. The future is looking so amazingly bright! At one point yesterday, I told someone (about my blog) "I looked forward, then I looked back. Tomorrow I will write about the joys". And now, for the life of me, I can't remember what I meant to write about. However, if it comes to me, there might be a special post today for that. I can bend my rules on my birthday, right?


k8elynne said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

glassidentities said...

I am slow in reading this... glad you had a good birthday yesterday... and a safe snow day... it is amazing how many people around here can not drive in the snow... I tend to do ok.. lol I just stay home!!

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