Monday, December 14, 2009


As you know, I've been on the journey of a lifetime in recent months. I am becoming more positive, more self confident, more self-aware, more uplifting. All of that has been a wonderful thing. However, those crazy-makers in my life are now going absolutely NUTS!

They want me to stay: depressed, needy, they want me to rely on them to make choices in my life. They want to drive! The crazy makers are finally aware (it takes them awhile because they are so self-absorbed) that I no longer need them. Not only that, that I no longer will tolerate their crazy-making ways. And they are pissed!

I feel like I'm at war right now. And I have to engage to an extent. I will participate in this war enough to defend myself and fight the takeover off. I will try to do as little damage as possible, but as I saw yesterday, the crazymakers are not too ashamed to try to rip my positivity and self-awareness apart.

War is against my core. But it has begun. I will do all that I can to protect ME.


ardee said...

Stay tough!! I've been where you are and its a struggle but worth your sanity to hold your ground!

michiganhemp said...


Sis- I am confident that if anyone could win a war like that, it IS YOU. The beauty and strength within you is whole and pure enough to beat anything that threatens it. You are my shining light, and I know that you will be shining even brighter when this war is done.

Avlor said...

Stick with it! You can get past this. Over time they will come to terms with the new you.

Hugs to you.

designsbykari said...

You are stronger than they are Robyn and if you tell yourself so you'll be strong.


bagsofblessing said...

You GO Girl! You have the power to defeat those demons! The most important thing we, as women, can do is keep ourselves healthy and strong. Everything else falls into place then.

Jenn said...


You can do it!

Sandy said...

Sometimes we are given no choice but to defend ourselves. Keep the peace inside you. It will keep you strong and above the nonsense. Never lose sight of the magical, empowered woman you have become. So proud of you!!!!!!!!!

giggles'N' rainbows said...


You have helped me in ways that I know you are not even aware of. I am confident that if your words can help others so much, then your resolve behind those expressions will see you through your personal war as well. The crazy makers in my life want to hold me back from growing, succeeding, or moving forward but I intend to remain strong. I wish you success even while knowing that you will be successful! Thank you!

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