Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hidden paths, Locked doors

I find so often in life that there are hidden passages. Little doors, that as soon as I figure out a code, or find a key, I can unlock it and what I find beyond is amazing. Marketing is like that. I love those 'a-ha' moments when I have a thought and think 'oh yeah, I should do this'! I have become much better at thinking outside the box and looking for the hidden doors.

Of course, it doesn't only happen with marketing. I go out to take photos, and I take that path less traveled, and get the most awesome photos! In any kind of creativity, you have to strive to think outside that box. Because, really, it's all been done before. You just have to find a way to make it YOURS.

I'm still looking for those unknown passages, and digging into my soul for the keys. And while I do so, guess what? I am making the most awesome discoveries about myself. For instance, I didn't really know how much stick-to-it-iveness I really contained. I'm learning that I'm not a quitter. I am also learning that the more I discover, the more I want to share.

I know I've been beating this drum a lot, but 2010 will be amazing. I have a feeling that I'm just barely brushing the surface of my soul so far...


michiganhemp said...

2010 WILL be amazing, and I cannot wait to see what it brings you! Soul searching is something that I just recently started trying to do. I'm still stumbling through it, but I learn from you on a daily basis, so I know that I will get to a point where it comes easier, and I will learn to recognize the keys hidden within.

YAY for self discovery and learning to use the tools we are given!


designsbykari said...

Great shot and great passage Robyn. Congratulations to you in your discovery.

alilhorseplay/Calico95 said...

Wow how philosophical! and I totally agree!


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