Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time Grew

Last night, I had an amazingly productive evening. I finished many little steps in prep for the craft show. One thing I've noticed about myself (for awhile now) is that I am energetic and very gung-ho... right up until the last couple steps of something. I am productive, more productive than ever, until the end. Then I drop it off... I get bored, I get excited about something else, and I move on.

So, last night, I didn't make a list. I just looked around, at my house in total disarray with pieces for the show everywhere. And I started a box. I packed everything that was ready for the show in that box. I looked at piles. Saw photos that were already bagged that I just needed to seal. Ok. I sealed those and put them in the box. Saw other photos waiting to be matted and bagged. So I did that, and placed them in the box. I had some journals that only need end papers put in. So they are stacked, and ready for me to tackle them today.

An interesting thing happened while I was doing my show prep. I started cleaning up some areas in my house. Not as a distraction, and not taking me away from my productivity... it's like time grew and I had more and more. It was very odd. I feel the main shift comes from all the soul-searching and re-prioritizing that I've been doing.

I know where my focus is, and time is growing for me to do it. Pretty amazing! I hope you discover wonderful, exciting, and surprising things today...


Rebecca said...

I can feel your excitement! Yay and double yay!! I'm so happy that things are falling into place for you. Keep it up!

michiganhemp said...

WooHoo Sis! You were rockin last night! I'm so happy for you! If you figure out how to make the time grow again, please do let me know. ;P I'm proud of you for setting your sights and keeping your eye on the prize, even though you were nervous at first. I have complete and utter faith in you, and I think you'll be shocked at how well you do at the show!


Connie said...


I love that photograph! So, so beautiful!

Peace & Love.

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