Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Time is something I fight with frequently. I judge myself according to productivity, according to how much I can get done. Last night, I was not very productive. Instead, I did a few things that I've put off forever, and I played with Pandora radio, discovering tons of new music. I danced around the kitchen as I emptied the dishwasher. I looked into Ben Harper's soul. I rediscovered Floater, one of my favorite bands of all time.

I will not judge last night as a failure. I enjoyed it. I breathed. Life is good.

However, with the craft show just a few days away, tonight I will work by a list and get many things accomplished. And I am sure that I will enjoy that as well, because of the breather I got yesterday.

Balance. That's another thing I'm trying to apply. An easy, smooth balance in my life. Between discovering all the joys, and working hard. Relaxation, play... they do not come easy for me. But I am working on that. Ha! Working on relaxing. Seems like an oxymoron. But I'm driven to a fault. I need to learn to relax. I need to rediscover me.


michiganhemp said...

Good for you for letting go and having the freedom to dance around the kitchen! We all need to take time to relax and breathe, and I'm so glad that you are finding the spare minutes to do so!


TattieTats said...

Glad you had a good time! Good luck at your craft show. As for me, I'm taking the day to rest and play with my daughter. She continues to grow so quickly. 13 months-- amazing. I think we're going to have a special outing today. All else can wait.

designsbykari said...

Lots of rediscovery happening, good for you. I want to dance around the kitchen, maybe I'll ad dit to my list of To Do's.

Balance is something we're all looking for, you'll find it in time.

Rebecca said...

You are writing my book... word for word. After I closed the store last night, I did absolutely nothing productive and I had a great time. There is still a little pang of regret at the wasted minutes, but I realize the importance of breathing too.

nomadcraftsetc said...

Dancing and breathing are 2 essential parts of life! No matter what you HAVE to do, there are things you need to do to stay sane!
Good for you, I love your blog post and that picture is divine!

Rose said...

Without play there is no joy in the work! You go in that kitchen ;).

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