Monday, December 7, 2009


The craft show didn't have a lot of traffic. It was very well-advertised, but perhaps the location was not the best. I made enough to cover my table, plus a little. Most of the vendors there also had etsy sites, so it was awesome to get to know them! The craft show gave me a lot of confidence about my work, though, so it was a wonderful thing to have done!

I found out last night that I'm booked for a one month show in a restaurant in downtown Portland starting May 1! I will post more details as it gets closer. This coming week I will be checking out the space and deciding on sizes of prints to hang. It will be a pretty large undertaking for me.

I also woke up to find that my shop is included in a gift site listing on this blog today! I'd love if you could check it out!

Life is pretty amazing. I'm enjoying the forward movement. My plan is to keep the momentum going. Life is good, and I am thankful... gratitude is a constant with me, and I am grateful for so many things. Thankful for readers of my blog and their amazing support. Thankful for a wonderful etsy community, thankful for friends around the world thanks to the internet. Amazingly thankful for my loving, supportive family! Those who are related, and those who aren't.


michiganhemp said...

YAY for the experience of your first show giving you confidence, and DOUBLE YAY for getting your photos in a bistro! Life is getting better and better for you, and I know that pattern will continue. You are truly amazing, and you deserve all good things that come to you.


ardee said...

Congratulations!! Your work is beautiful and I'm glad you now have a booking where others can see it!

Rebecca said...

Postitive attracts positive! You are on a path to greatness. I'm so incredibly happy for you. :)

KanYoFuse said...

Great post. Thank you for not including a photo of the chicken hat.

giggles'N' rainbows said...


I'm so happy for you. It doesn't surprise me a bit that your work will be on display; you are so talented. I have my eye on several prints. I'm still taking baby steps but maybe some of your success will rub off. Congrats! You deserve it.

The Hempsphere said...

Congrats on the show! How exciting. I can't wait to do my first show someday. =)
Your work is amazing, btw!

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