Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A lightbulb moment

Someone told me one time that if I were looking to buy a Volkswagen Beetle, that's what I would notice everywhere. That particular car would be on my mind, so everywhere I would go, I would see one. Not because I was making them appear, but because I would NOTICE. They were there all along... I was just aware now.

One of the comments on my blog yesterday said something about how positive attracts positive. I have actively tried to move positive into my life, and am working on moving negative out. And now, everywhere I look, I notice positive. I do wonder if it's like the Beetle, though. And I think it is. I think it was most likely there all along. And only now, while I focus on it, do I fully become aware of it's presence.

A lightbulb moment, indeed. What lightbulb moments have you recently had?


michiganhemp said...

Wow...what a great realization. Unfortunately, I think my light bulb is burned out! LOL J/K

I completely agree that what you give is what you get, and you always give positive, so it's only right that you get positive. It is certainly nice when the eyes are opened to see all of the wonders arounds us.


designsbykari said...

When in a negative funk, you are going to see more of it. Likewise with the a positive attitude, it's contageous and spreads. Think PIF.

Good for you for being aware and seeing the positive and spreading some more.

Erica said...

It is always good to focus on the positive , though often easier said than done.

Dirt. said...

what an incredible epiphany, robyn! positivity breeds more positivity... in yourself, and in those around you. congrats to you on your newfound awareness!

giggles'N' rainbows said...

What a great idea! I intend to be highly contagious and hope my positive attitude spreads.

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