Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I will be 38 years old this month. I have had my share of disappointment. I've lived, I've loved... I have never shut myself off from feeling, and I have felt the agony and the pain of being disappointed. And I must admit, I have wallowed in it. I have used it as an excuse to build up walls, I've used it to explain to people (quite dramatically) why I have built up walls and have a hardened outer shell.

However, yesterday, I faced some disappointment. And I did none of those things. Initially, it saddened me, but without even thinking, I moved on. Moved into understanding. People can disappoint. But I thought about the why's of it all. And I understand that when people are involved, they are all on their own journey. Perhaps it's simply not time for their paths to cross.

I know I'm being cryptic... but the lesson is what's important. Not the details. Life is good. Sometimes its necessary just to roll with it. And when you can do that... when you are no longer controlled by those negative emotions... then growth has come.


Jen's Pens said...

Disapointment is very hard to deal with sometimes. Congrats on not letting it bother you and moving on!

michiganhemp said...


Rolling with life's punches is one of the most important skills we can ever have. When we get stuck and let the disappointments get us down, that's when the negativity takes over. I'm proud of you for being able to just keep on keepin on, and I know that those paths will cross when the time is right, and it will be joyous!

bagsofblessing said...

Amen! Keep that good attitude.

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