Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Amazing Sale!

I was led, earlier this year to teach an Artist Empowerment Class. I had the vision, and it was amazing. There were ten of us, we met weekly for an hour long chat, we journaled, we cried, we laughed. I was amazingly blessed to lead the group that I had. There was an energy, an electricity, and we all grew so much in our chosen craft!

When that class was over, I asked for testimonials and critiques. Some of the testimonials can be read here. The critiques, I noted, and applied to the planning for my next class, which will duplicate the first, with other participants.

My Artist Empowerment Class is $40. The entry can be paid here or by clicking on the 'pay now' button on the upper right.

The class starts September 13, and I answered some questions about WHO might want to take it here.

In honor of Labor Day, I'd like to offer you 25% off. I will refund $10 back into your paypal after you sign up, or you can contact me for a revised invoice prior to paying! So YOU could be taking this amazing life-altering class for $30 instead of the $40 list price. Act now!


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