Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Intentions, Bad News

Yesterday I started the day with such good intentions. Then, about an hour into work, I got a phone call. My brother, Shane called. I knew something was up because Shane and I don't call each other, we text. His first words, "did my wife or Tony (my other brother) call you yet?" My heart sank. Shane told me that Tony's wife had died in her sleep. She and Tony had gone to bed the night before. She didn't wake up. My heart hurt all day. I cried throughout the day at work. I stayed really busy, because that is sometimes best.

Tony and Misty were together for 15 years. They have 3 children, the oldest being 13. Misty was 32 years old. I talked to Misty on facebook just last week. She was so happy and telling me all about their son's football games.

I talked to my brother Tony last night. We cried together for a time. I can't imagine the extent of his pain. Yet, he has to be strong for those children. Those 3 wondrous beings who have lost their mom. I want to do something for them. I just am not sure what yet. I thought about taking donations to go towards her funeral, or towards the kids' Christmas. Please help me. If you have ideas of what I can do, please let me know.


Lisa said...

Oh my how heavy this weighs on my heart as well. My thoughts are with you, Tony, and the family...may peace be ever-present amidst the horrible sorry.

Jeni T. said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I am sure you will find the right thing to do for them in time. Right now, just be there for them in this time of mourning. {hugs}

ardee said...

all you can do is be there....that sounds so lame but sometimes the presense of a loving relative or friend is all that is needed....or wanted, believe it or not. I think help with the funeral and their childrens' upcoming holiday would be a great thing, too! Set up a place to send donations here on your blog. I'm not speaking for everyone but I'm sure we would all want to help, even if it's not much, it's something!


Tomo said...

I'm so sorry, Robyn...I can't even imagine having to face this. I agree, being there is most important, and it's harder to do when you are not actually right there phsyically with them. But it sounds like you are actively looking for ways to help instead of waiting for them to ask for something, and that shows how much you care.
My thoughts are with you and the family.

Crystal Zacharias said...

That sure makes a person dad to read that, and to think of those poor children (as well as the rest of the family). Continuing to pray for you all.

Crystal said...

My heart goes out to you and your family! What a sad sad time this is!

Please let us know how we can all help!

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