Thursday, September 23, 2010

A time for rest

I am tired today. Was out late last night helping a friend. So today the plan is to get through work, and this evening will be mostly about rest. I have to. I'm exhausted.

I do find myself feeling guilty for that. But I honestly feel I need to get over it. The help last night was physically and mentally exhausting. And it's time to refill the well.

How do you rest, refill, recharge without feeling guilty?


ardee said...

how do I refill my well?? with good friends, like you, make a pair of earrings, watch a favorite movie....but mostly I take a deep beath, then slowly exhale and look around and try and find something to be thankful for. There is so much pain and sorrow in this world that I have to be thankful for the lack of it (for the most part)in my life!!

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