Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I need a lifeline... I have been slipping further and further into my depression/muck for days. I'm usually really great at pulling myself out... but this time it might be more than I can do. I've been suffering from 'what's the point?' for days on end now. I have stopped participating in the forums on etsy, i've talked a bit with friends on facebook, but never quite engaging. I've thought of abandoning this blog.

I'm still thinking.

What I need to know is. Are you out there? Are you listening? Does anyone care?


TheHappySoul said...


Of course we care! We are out here, and we love you! You deserve to do what makes you happy, so please do whatever that is!

giggles'N' rainbows said...

I’ve been checking your blog for days now; I usually check it in the morning. So this morning I was busy and didn’t check it till now. I’m not a bit surprised to see what you wrote. I’ve been noticing a change in your comments, the lack of enthusiasm and I’ve missed your participation in the forums.
Do I care? Am I worried about you…Yes! I think though that you have the strength to pull yourself up out of this depression. It may be part of the grieving process that you need to go through…but don’t let it get the better of you. You are a strong woman but; you may need some help to get through this, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Why not talk to a doctor or a dear friend? Sometimes when we are depressed taking just one positive little step can get us on the path again.
You have been such an inspiration to me, please take that first step.

Crystal Zacharias said...

Robyn.....big hugs coming from me to you!!!! Life isn't always easy. Stay positive!! I'm praying for you!

Katie said...

Oh Robyn, I totally know how you're feeling. I have abandonded etsy for the most part, and actally feel like giving up my whole bakery shop.
You need to find what keeps you going....even if is a change from what you've been doing.
If you want to chat, let me know....I feel just about the same as what you wrote on most days.

ardee said...


It happens, sweet lady, we all have a WTF attitude at times! I'm right behind you and I made an appointment to talk to my nurse practioner before I sink too low(again..)! I know, from experience, that the lower you allow yourself to go the harder it is to climb out. Stay focussed and stay with all of us that love you. I'm only a click away, I hope you know that!!! ...and I am right where you are so let's help each other!

Christine said...

((((Robyn)))) Depression is a terrible illness. I confess that I suffer from clinical depression. I have a great life and a great family. I am happy and yet this illness attempts to steal and destroy all that is good and joyful in my life. I also suffer a myriad of very real physical problems from this. When things get bad I try to remind myself that it`s not me, it`s the depression trying to take over. The worst will eventually pass for a time and things will get better again. Seek whatever help you need to get through this. It WILL pass at least for a while and when it does you may even wonder what you were so upset about. You do so much for everyone around you. What do YOU want for yourself? Some things you can change, some you cannot. Focus on what you can change and we will be here for you. xo

Tomo said...

Wow, amazing how lots of us are feeling similar things--even if it's hidden under the surface of what we show others. Today I went to my dr. about (among other things) the depression I've been feeling for a while but not admitting to myself and others. I think you are so brave to put yourself out there like you do, and I really respect you for it (among other things).
Take time for yourself in whatever way you need. We are all here for you.

Crystal said...

I miss you my friend and I'm hoping that you will find your way back soon to what makes you happy. I want you to know that you touch so many of our lives including my own and we're here for you like you've always been there for us!

Anonymous said...

((((((((((((((Robyn)))))))))))))))) I'm here, I care. I haven't been on the computer much... just enough to check etsy, fb, and my bank balance. I haven't had time to chat at all and have worked myself into a spiral of tired. Reminding you is a great reminder for me that we NEED to take time to 'just be'. Enjoy the here and now. Take 10 minutes to enjoy; without worry or concern about the past or the future.

Today I was driving down the freeway when I saw a lone sunflower standing tall and bright on the shoulder. A giggle escaped my lips and reminded me that I *can* be happy anywhere. I can stand tall and bright even among the rush of the world around me. Take 10 minutes to stand tall and bright. Do it for YOU!


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