Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've been lamenting a lack of time for a week now. I've been sick, and have had no energy whatsoever. I hope that I'm on the mend now. But I realized yesterday, that I have time. I live my life this way. I have 89 projects going, in addition to running a household. Teaching a class. Running an etsy shop. Writing a novel. And starting a homebased business. It's all ok. Things fall into place. Whether I worry or not.

So today I will try to worry less, and simply be productive. I've had 2 sick days this week, so I'll be trying to get back into the groove at work.

What do you do when you think you don't have enough time for all that is going on?


Linnea said...

I pick and choose. Sometimes those "gotta do's" (like client deadlines and tending to the unexpected sick child) have to take precedence. But the world will not end if I start the morning run of dishes at noon instead of 8 a.m., nor will it if they languish in the dishwasher, unloaded, until suppertime. So if I want to stop and write a blog post or make one of my tacky felt owls or whatever, I do it. Doing so makes me more productive when I get back to the "gotta do's."

This does not mean I'm always Zen about it. More often, I am anything but. But as I navigate through midlife, I see that to *not* prioritize and to *not* learn to let go is doing little piddly nagging things to my health. So I take the approach one step at a time, and try to accept that my attitudinal ebb and flow will even out over time.

Tomo said...

I never feel like I have enough time. But I realize I try to do everything myself instead of letting others help me. So I run myself ragged and then finally ask for help when I can't handle it anymore.
I need to ask for help sooner. And not worry about the things that won't get done when I want them to, by adjusting my expectations or just letting things go.

ardee said...

hmmm...what I do when I think there's no time.....well..... Dirty Martinis use to work but now I just take a deep breath, look for disaster news on the internet and realize that I have all the time in the world as long as I'm still breathing! If it's for someone else, I certainly do it in a timely matter, if it's for me....when I get to it is good enough!

Laura said...

What do I do? hmmm, really made me think, because the last few months, I've def. over extended myself, which.. 15 years ago, I could handle it, and still keep everything organized. But this month, I decided to take inventory of what I'm doing, and why. And had to make some hard decisions. What is important to me?? My mom is important, and I haven't been spending much time with her. My hubby and I don't have much quality time at all anymore. I'm always tired. So I quit 2 things I was volunteering in, and I'm seriously thinking of selling my store. I need to concentrate on other more important things NOW, so I can have more later. I'm hitting the big 50 soon, and it bothers me. Life is too short, to fill it with so many things that I miss out on what's important in my life. My family and friends!! helping others is what makes me happy. So time to slow down, and enjoy life, family and friends!! sometimes you just got to let go of things. It's hard, but I feel so much stronger since I finally did what I had to do.

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