Saturday, November 1, 2008


My friend Connie from challenged me to write a blog post about being brave. Her challenge was in response to a post I had written about fears... and one she had written as well.

Yes, Connie... we are brave. Every moment of every day. We are brave when we go to work, when we do our jobs, when we choose to create, and when we choose to make a difference.

But more specifically, I will talk about me. It seems so difficult, because won't this be like bragging about myself? We are taught modesty from a very young age. But... here I go.

I was so brave at the age of 14 when I planned my mother's funeral. I was brave when I moved from the only home I had ever known when I was 18... I packed up my belongings, and got on a Greyhound bus. I moved from South Texas to Idaho, and shared an apartment with my brother.

Recently, I have been brave with putting my art up on Etsy. I am brave daily when I post my thoughts on here.

My family and I were all brave when we stopped on the 4th of July to assist a family whose vehicle was broken down hours from home.

I am proud when I think of all of these instances. As we all should be. We are brave way more often than we even realize.

How are each of you brave? I am sure that you'll be surprised by the many examples of your own that you can come up with.


Geoff Schutt said...

Eleanor has this to say: "Sometimes you don't even realize that you're being brave. Sometimes just getting through a day is being brave. Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning and doing what you're supposed to do -- and then perhaps a little more than that, perhaps -- is being brave. Sometimes ... 'living' is being brave. Not giving up, I mean. Not giving in. Ever. That's being brave."

-- from "This Side of Paradise," Nov. 2, 2008.

Robynsart said...

As always Geoff, I think Eleanor is so wise, as are you. Thank you so much for your words. By the way, I think you are both brave every day-- because of how you share your words.

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