Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This picture was taken at Koch Farm in Tualatin. The farm was homesteaded in 1938. And last year they sold out for an industrial complex. We always went there for u-pick berries and flowers. I called the owner on Saturday and asked if I could take pictures, as they had recently all moved out and started a new farm about 15 miles away. I took about 30 pictures of the old farmhouse, the trees, their barns, their old equipment, and of 2 cows that for now remain. Being there, in total silence, reminded me that life is about change.

When I first heard about the sale, I could not understand how they could just sell out and move. They had made that land what it was. They had been there for generations. This was their history and their life. After I took pictures, and walked around, I was not so upset about it. I know some of the members of the Koch family, but not very well. They picked a plot of land, and for the most part all still live on it. Their location changed. Their livelihood did not. They set up shop on their new land and have crops ready... corn, green beans.

I was not present for the process, but I've only heard positive remarks from the Koch family members. They have chosen to embrace change. Make the best of whatever comes their way. I listened while I took pictures. I learned from this family that occupied the land no more.

Change is ok. Change is necessary. When change occurs you can embrace it or fight it. They chose to embrace it and go on with life. If only we could all be so graceful in life...


Geoff Schutt said...

To recognize the "grace" in this is beautiful, Robyn. Your words and images are beginning to form a book (I can envision it now). But you keep writing, and sharing the pictures. Look for the small things, those wonderful amazing small things.

We are Thankful for you.
Geoff & Eleanor

Robynsart said...

And I am thankful for both of you as well!

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