Monday, November 10, 2008

Pardon my tardiness... it's finally Giveaway time!!

I meant to post this weekend but life happens... then this morning and I had connectivity problems.

This is my 100th post!! And to celebrate it's giveaway time!

As you know, I'm taking a photography class. I would like some critiques. So... scroll back through my blog... comment on one or two of my photos. Tell me what you like, what you don't. I want marketable photos. All critiques will be appreciated. And each one will get your name in a hat for a prize.

So, what's the prize? Go to my etsy shop (link to the right)... there you can see an 8X10 called "The Wise Tree". You can choose that or a journal. I will pick a name tomorrow evening, and get the info from the winner on Wednesday.

Thank you for reading me! Thanks for sharing this part of my life with you.


Anonymous said...

OK, I have two favorite photo's- the first is from 10-1-08- Reflections- LOVE it! and second, on 10-9-08,
Grounded (you didnt name it, but if you did, this would fit)

Pif said...

I really like your 11/04/08 photo, exposure is dead on and the colors are awesome. Your 11/06 photo looks so good :)

Melissa said...

11/6 - Paths: I think I commented about this when you talked about it, but I'm into paths and stairways. I enjoy the balance between the open'ness of the path and the adventure of the woods.

10/20 - Speaking of woods. Loving this one. I moved into a wooded area a little over a year ago. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood ~ I'm captivated by gazing into a grouping of trees. I see possibility there and The Lady behind every trunk. It's a very magickal place for me.

10/3 The bridge - I enjoy the contrast between the hard, gray, somewhat rusted, metal and the soft, green'ness of the trees. And this is also another form of 'path.'


Geoff Schutt said...

Robyn -- Eleanor & I both like your photos of pathways and stairways -- and looking at the previous comments, these do seem to be popular!

There's something magical about a pathway, or a staircase -- where they lead us, what treasures or unexpected joys or discoveries we might find at the end.

ALL of your photos are wonderful, this said. ("Indeed!" says Eleanor.)

To the words and images,
Geoff & Eleanor

Geoff Schutt said...

Eleanor wanted me to add that she especially likes the stone pathway photo from 10-30.

"If I follow it all the way up, will I reach the stars and the moon?" she wonders.

It's good to see this look of wonder in her eyes. Thanks for that, Robyn.

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