Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

My dad is the proud owner of 2 new stints... and he is doing great! He went home from the hospital on Saturday.

I am still on a high from my picture taking yesterday. I love digital cameras! It is amazing to see the results of your work so quickly.

Today is my doctor's visit. I'm sure that I will be thinking all day about how to formulate my thoughts and concerns to him. And I'm still very hopeful that this is not all in my head... that I've not gone totally mad. I will most likely post a short update this evening... if I'm not too exhausted.

Exhaustion has been a regular part of my life for awhile now. I am so tired of being tired, you don't even know! Last night, I was so energized, posting new stuff on Etsy, updating here, texting my sister in law. Then I crashed. hard. Exhaustion overtook me and I had to go to bed. About an hour earlier than normal. It was a wonderful sleep though.

So, I will be talking to the doctor about that. And about the pain. About my recent inability to speak about my thoughts/feelings. About my moods. About all my concerns.

So many times, though, I find that I leave the doctor's office with more questions than I went in with. I hope this is not one of those times. I need answers. I need to be able to start working towards closure on this.

Above is one of the photos I put on Etsy last night... an amazing view of this beautiful city I live in, with Mt. Hood in the background.


Geoff Schutt said...

We are thinking all good energy your way, Robyn, as you talk to the doctor.

Also -- we were amazed by your energy last night, yes. Twittering here and there ("and everywhere," Eleanor says) ....

Really great to see that happen!
G & E

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