Friday, November 21, 2008


Today I am going to ponder. I am going to breathe and attempt to take the day slowly. Not sure how that will pan out at work, but I will be a gentle soul today.

Evening yesterday was spent making journals. I got two completely made, and I have four more ready that need to be sewn only. I will have many more made by the end of the weekend. It is good for my soul to stay busy. But more important than staying busy is HOW I am staying busy-- by creating.

Hoping for a productive weekend for us all.


Melissa said...

You capture the most naturally beautiful places. I love nature. There is so much simple prettiness to be found. You always seem to find it.

Staying busy by creating is awesome! I'm busy putting kittens into the litter box. I guess in a sense it's still creating. It's just that I don't think there's a big market for kitten poops. HAHA! :)

~Mother Nature~

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