Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A new day

I sit here, blank this morning. Yesterday was a difficult day for so many reasons. And as soon as I awoke this morning, I was dreading today. So... I already put it out there, today is going to be an awful day. So, now it will be.

Time to change that! I so often forget that the power is within ME... it does not belong to other people unless I give them the power. So. Today I am in the driver's seat. If conversations are occurring that will affect me negatively, I will not participate. I will not own any fault for things that are not mine... I will not be made to feel bad about other's choices.

Some days, I am around the most awesome people who motivate and inspire me. Others, I'm around negative, hateful people. I need my force field. I wrote about my emotions the other day... they have been getting the better of me, and I need to take them off of autopilot.

So... before I go to work, I am activating my force field, and I will be filling it up with happiness, hope, and optimism. Sorry, no room for anything else! And... I really need to get to that place where my force field is automatic. That might require a change of jobs though... one never knows what the future holds.


Geoff Schutt said...

Dear Robyn, Perhaps your "force field" of positive energy is more automatic than you realize? You managed to turn an "awful day" into a hopeful one between the beginning and ending of this posting. That's pretty remarkable.

Here's to Hope -- and to Belief in all things Good & Positive! You DO have the power within.
-- Geoff (& Eleanor)

Melissa said...

Ugh, I know your pain. Job changes can be really good in this area (but eventually you'll probably come across those people again, they're like mice, there's always more of 'em). Just be wise and don't allow them to throw you off center.

~~~Waves of Peace~~~

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