Thursday, November 20, 2008


Many days my journey feels like this photo... climbing, climbing, up and into darkness. I know it will lead to wonderful, beautiful things. But what a long climb! I am old enough to know that anything good takes hard work. And that tells me I am working towards something fabulous!

My dad called me last night. He sounded great! His latest surgery was a success and he said he feels so much better. We talked about everything from health to politics, to child-rearing. If my journey ended tomorrow, it would have all been worth it because of this reclaimed relationship with my dad. I've written a lot about our relationship. But I realize I have not written a lot about him.

He's retired Navy. He was a cook. And a damn good cook he still is. Dad looks like a member of ZZ top, and he has (I think) 20 something tattoos. He had side jobs while he was in the Navy... making and decorating wedding cakes. He made the cake for my first wedding. A beautiful cake... 3 tiers I think, with a fountain and stairs. It was gorgeous. These days he takes photos of sunrises and sunsets. I should get him to send me a couple so I can share with you. I will definitely ask him about that.

Dad has mellowed, and has a lot of insight about life. I think of his journey as more like a rollercoaster... but one where he had to walk up the track a lot... climb the steep parts. I don't know this for sure, because we've never really discussed it, but perhaps he had a bit of swimming against the current. He is not perfect, nor has he led a perfect life. But I think of him, and I see him with wonder in my eyes. He is amazing to me.

Dad and I did not have a lot of contact before last summer. And that's all water under the bridge... I've written a lot about that. But it is so awesome to me to see how many of the same viewpoints dad and I have. We both know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can't moan about the past. The past is done, and it is what it is. And every single step we have ever taken has made us who we are.

And we... all of us... are amazing!


Melissa said...

So glad to hear that Dad is doing so well. How wonderful that your relationship has changed for the better. YAY! Navy cook and wedding cake maker? He sounds well rounded.


Geoff Schutt said...

"To those steps, Robyn," Eleanor says. "We just love this photo. Steps --- stairways -- paths -- anything that can lead us to new places, with those unexpected surprises. ... The good surprises, I mean."

To the words, as well!
Eleanor (& Geoff)

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