Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The long windy road

I am still doing my 100 days. It feels like this road in the picture... windy, where you can't tell what is around the next corner. This picture was taking on a picture taking exhibition on Sunday, along a historic highway. It made for a beautiful day. Around each and every corner was a site more beautiful than the one before... just like my 100 days.

I am doing my 100 days with my sister in law. She's not doing it online, but she is with me nonetheless. We send a lot of texts... texts to check in, texts to encourage. And so far, it's pretty amazing. We will be out of touch, then text one another at exactly the same time. Or I will send her a text of gratitude and she will tell me how much she needed exactly that.

Since I've done the Artist's Way several times, sometimes I use terminology that you become very familiar while reading Julia Cameron's work. Crazy maker. Synchronicity. It's so nice to be able to respond to her rants about a very troubled, meddling person with a story about crazy makers from the book.

Crazy makers pry into your life. And they pick things apart. They criticize every aspect of your life... sometimes in the sweetest manner. They say the meanest things with a smile on their face... often leaving the recipient reeling. Once you can identify the crazy makers in your life, it is so much easier to deal with them. So, we help one another out.

Update on my lost sister. Lynda is still lost. Still no contact. Lynda, if you see this, please just leave a comment on here, or send me a quick email... I love you.

Life is interesting. It's such a windy road. Sometimes there are roadblocks, detours, or accidents slowing your travel. But it's always worth it!


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