Monday, November 3, 2008

The Inner Dragon Comes Out

Before I begin, this is post 95. So, by the end of the week will be my giveaway.

I am a rational person. I am generally on an even keel. My moods don't sway. I can get angry, if provoked, but I usually need reason.

Yesterday, though... my inner bitch was raging. I could see myself swirling out of control, and I could not really control it. Well, I controlled it some. Anyway, I don't know what the deal was. I am hoping it's pms. For the male readers, sorry if that bothers you... but it can be a real thing. I was in control enough to not verbalize all the crazy thoughts in my head, but man, was I driving myself nuts!!

Today, much better. I knew I needed a good night's sleep. And I started the day with some physical activity and positive thinking. I think the trick is just not letting it in... like a bad house guest... once they are there, it can be hard to remove them. However, if you have some advance notice then you can prohibit them from coming.

So... my no vacancy sign is up, I am at peace, and I am ready to conquer the world. Yesterday we went on a picture taking expedition, looking for waterfalls... I will start tweaking the pictures. There are some I LOVE that I will definitely be putting on Etsy!

*raising glass* Here's to a very creative, sane week! *clink*


Geoff Schutt said...

Robyn, Eleanor and I are raising our respective glasses, too (clink). I may need to drink Eleanor's. (... maybe this will lead to some extra creative or wacky words!)
To continued courage/bravery, and to conquering the world while you're/we're at it!
Cheers -- Geoff & Eleanor

Melissa said...

I always heard that physical activity helps a ton with mood. During the summer while doing work outside, I would be almost giddy! And I know how 'high' I feel after yoga. I think I need to do some today. Yesterday I worked so hard on opening my etsy shop that I think I kicked my own butt!


ps: I'm giving away a hand-made journal on my blog. ;)

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