Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday at last!

This week has seemed so long. Work has been slow so the time spent there has seemed never-ending. I have had a lot of time to network on Etsy and figure a few things out. And I have done a bit of creative writing. So, some good has come out of it.

I am looking forward to the weekend! For my giveaway, for one thing! The very next post will be the giveaway post, so stay tuned! Also, I am so looking forward to sleeping in :-). I am a morning person and I get up at 4am every week day. My work day starts at 6:30, but I absolutely love a slow, relaxed morning to prepare for my day. On the weekends, sleeping in may only mean til 7, but I always feel like I've gotten so much sleep.

This weekend, I hope to put more photography on Etsy. I am really enjoying my new camera, and seeing the results so quickly. So many of you have been very encouraging about my photography and I am grateful for that! I am taking a photography course, so hopefully the technical elements of my photos will improve.

When I was in 3rd grade, there was a girl named Norma in my class. She could draw very well, and when she showed the teacher, she was told that yes, she had a lot of talent, and she should possibly consider art school after she graduated. I did not understand! She had skills, we could all see that, so why would she need to go to school for it? I now understand. Natural talent is a wonderful thing, but one always has room to grow. And, as an adult, I may not choose to learn in 'normal' environments, but still, everyday I learn.

In fact, I wonder what I will learn today?


Anonymous said...

Hey Robyn! Quick question for you...
On Etsy, with your photograph's, did you have to do anything legally regarding the copyright of your photo's?
I want to put some of mine up too, but have been leary, and didnt know the legalities? Thanks.
Have a great weekend and have lots of fun with you camera. And THANKS so much for your continued encouraging comments. Much appreciated. Things are going really well. I have a busy weekend myself.TTYL.

Robynsart said...

This one I've thought about long and hard, Sandy. There is a thing you can put over your pics saying 'original' or your name or whatever. But, in order to put the pics on Etsy, I had to decrease the pixels in order to get the file to, you can see my picture, but if someone was to try to copy it and enlarge it, it would look like crap.

I would prefer to think that no-one would try to do that, but you've got to protect yourself. It's a good thing to consider.

Geoff Schutt said...

Robyn, do you know whatever happened to Norma? I re-read your post this morning, and I wonder. There's a story there. Did she become an artist, or did she lose something along the way to becoming an adult. I hope she continued to be encouraged to follow her dreams.

To art -- the images, the words, the everything!

-- Geoff & Eleanor, on a Sunday morning

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