Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to work...

I had a wonderful day off yesterday. I took my boys out for breakfast, did a little shopping with them, made journals, and we went to eat at a restaurant in Portland simply because we saw it on The Food Network.

I so enjoy spending time with my boys. Isn't it amazing how the revolution of your world changes once you have children? And watching them grow from children to young adults is quite amazing.

Last school year, we had a 17 year old stay with us. He was amazingly difficult and our job was to get him off probation and help him finish school. Every single day was a struggle. He was never appreciative, many times downright hateful, we were swimming upstream for about 9 months. We got him clean though. And off probation. And going to school. Until he once again gave up on himself. Then he started it all up again and stopped going to school. He ran away and has been in heaps of trouble since.

I only tell you that because he has made me appreciate my children so much! In comparison, mine are amazing. And I always knew I had good boys, but now I am more than thankful. Every meal we make or provide for them... they thank us. They ask what they can do to help me when I'm working. And if they need money, they ask what they can do to earn it!

I am very blessed. What fine young adults they are turning into!


s.lei said...

hey Robyn... I want you to let your oldest know that when he opens up his restaurant, I'll be there... with friends! Once children believe in themselves, there's no stopping them. You and I share similar obstacles, and your attitude is what keeps your boys on the right track. Good Job Mom!!

Rose said...

Well just look at the mother who raised them! Of course they are fabulous, you are too.

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