Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A day off

Today I'm taking the day off! I am spending it with my boys. It will be a relaxing day, with a trip to the craft store and some journal making. I'm also going to photo some completed journals and list them. For dinner, we are going to a local cafe that they saw on Food Network. I think it's going to be a wonderful day!

I will be running a sale exclusively for my fans on facebook soon! If you'd like to be included, please click on the link that says 'become a fan' at

You know how you go to clean your house... and it's always dirtier before it gets clean? I think that's how my life is right now. I need to stir some stuff up to get it all in order. I know that I'm moving forward, no matter how small the steps are. I'll get there... just not much of a sprinter :-)
I hope that all of you have a wonderful day! Etsy artisan interviews coming soon!


s.lei said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.... and my daughter is a big fan of the Food Network. Do youur boys cook for you? I totally agree with you, in that moving forward is the key. No need to sprint, as success isnt measured by speed. You are keeping an impressive pace. xoxo

michiganhemp said...

YAY! Good for you, Robyn! I hope you have a wonderful day with your boys, and remember... Even if you trip, you will get back up and keep going. :)

Amy said...

Have a great time today!

DJ said...

I envy your day off. Nice photo here too :)

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