Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How I see things

When I started photography, how I viewed things changed. I think back and I can't even fathom how much I was oblivious to before. Now I see things at various angles, I see the tiny details, I see it framed. And I think it flows into other areas.

I know people who have no idea what is around them. They appreciate nothing. They go through life with blinders. I think being observant to all around you prepares you for what's going to happen. If you are looking diligently while on a walk, for instance, you will not be startled when that deer comes out of the woods on the path in front of you. Instead, you will be fully prepared to observe (either through the viewfinder or not) every moment of it.

Life is to be savored. To savor, you have to see. I'm not saying everyone should be taking up photography. I'm just saying that it's much more enjoyable when you are actually aware of your surroundings, and being in awe of things around you is just an added bonus!

Yes, this is not really about photography. I'm just saying that's when *my* viewpoints changed. It made me wake up to all around me.

I hope we can all be very aware of all around us today... the good and the bad. We have to realize it before we can deal with any of it.


Avlor said...

Doing my best to do that this week as I slow down to focus more on my kidlets before school. ;)

Photography and art really do make you look at the world a little differntly.

BTW - Did I ever tell you where I put the picture of the wise tree I bought from you? It's in my bedroom (red/white/black), hanging in a rather rustic frame. We love it!

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