Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crossing paths

I didn't sleep well, and my morning routine has been interrupted. Could be the start of a very bad day, right? Only if I allow it. If my entire day is ruined, it's because I choose for it to be. Time to take a deep breath and move beyond. Beyond being tired and irritated.

I have many plans for today. I plan to submit some of my work to be published. Being purposefully vague. And I plan to contact several businesses who are looking for art to hang in their establishments in 2010. Doing all I can to move forward.

I have been amazed lately at the people who I just "happen" to cross paths with. Each time I need something in my life, I come across someone who can steer me in the right direction. Last night I spoke with a fellow photographer who gave me some wonderful ideas. The information that he gave me answered questions that I'd not yet asked. Isn't that amazing?

Remember my morning? Tired, cranky, and askew? Now it's thankful and blessed. What shifts have you seen lately? Are you finding your dreams more attainable? Is information flowing your way? Still running into roadblocks?


TheHappySoul said...

Ah, yes... roadblocks. Sometimes, we get hit hard and heavy with every obstacle that can possibly get in our way. And sometimes, it can be very discouraging and make us want to quit. Once we get past the anger and disappointment, though, we will find that we have the tools and abilities to over come them. Having a strong support group can be fantastically helpful, but even if you don't have that, you can still succeed. Baby steps... ;0)


Rebecca said...

Being purposefully positive is soooo much fun! Thank you for introducing that concept to me, and great job finding the joy in doing it yourself. :)

Carmen said...

What a treat to look through these photos, I love the idea of one item hidden in the normal!

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