Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to Self Care

I learned yesterday (again!) what an amazing support group I had. I discovered why I was being my own crazymaker... I had done a self-adjustment of the one med I take. Must've thought I was a doctor or something. But that adjustment was BAD. I hit the lowest of lows yesterday and was ready to cut off all ties with those closest to be just so they didn't need to suffer through my moods.

But like I said, I have an amazing support group. I have wonderful people in my life, and together, I think we can kinda do anything!

Looking back on yesterday... I don't think I gave much at all. I took and I took. I don't feel like my well has been filled because I didn't help anyone. Today I will make sure to give the advice when it's asked of me. I will respond to pleas. And I will continue to take my meds, and will now take a B-Complex a couple times a day till I completely bounce back.

Part of our journey, whatever our particular path may be, is to take good care of ourselves so that we have much to give. Sometimes I struggle with that. I don't get enough sleep, I make bad medication choices. I am now re-committing to getting back on that self-care path.

What self-care have you faltered with? How can I help?


TheHappySoul said...

So proud of you for working through the struggle yesterday! You are a ray of sunshine, and when you get cloudy, I truly feel for you. I know that self care can be one of the things that we all let fall to the wayside, but I agree... it needs to be brought to the forefront. After all, we can only give our best when we are at our best, right?

You asked how you could help... encourage me to take walks with my camera as often as possible. I tend to stay closed up in the house in the winter time because I can't stand the cold. This needs to change. I truly need to get outside and walk, but since I do hate the cold so much, I need encouragement. What can I help you with?


Sunset Soaps said...

I hope you have a much better day today Robyn! I'm not sure how you can help me today, but I always do appreciate your advice and I am sure I will come begging for it again someday soon. :)

I just love your water fall photos!!
Tak Care!

lostsentiments said...

" ready to cut off all ties with those closest to be just so they didn't need to suffer through my moods. "

robyn, I hear you! I'm one of the types that I need ot talk through things, if I don't "air myself out" my thoughts do a vertigo in my head and it takes a lot to pull out. I've learned over the years that though it's hard sometimes to share the load with friends (especially when you want to protect them), but I'm also learning to trust them to be aware of their own boundaries and what they can handle within reason when I share.

I promise though love, this too shall pass. It's in those consistent, small steps forward that cause us to, in time, look back to find we've grown in leaps and bounds. You can do it! ;) if it hurts - it's cause it's growning pains;).

*hugs* love you Robyn! Keep fighting for you love :)You are more than worth !

Rebecca said...

You hit a home-run again with this one Robyn. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in being your own CM. Sometimes the focus is solely on trying not to be a CM. Today I learned that balance is the key. Don't try so hard to please others that you forget about yourself, and vice versa! You are always helpful to me. :-)


Evan said...

Atta Girl! Go Kick Todays Ass!!!!

ardee said...

You made a mistake, You realized it and fixed it, thats what makes you special!! Don't be afraid to ask for help once in a while too, even if its just someone to be a sounding board! I have pretty big shoulders and lotsa padding, lol, and I'm here if you need me! xxoo

過年嚕 said...

如此活躍的文字, 妳好棒哦! ....................................................

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