Wednesday, January 20, 2010


At the beginning of the year, many of my blogger friends chose a word to represent 2010 for them. Words such as Freedom, Trust, Faith.... and I just simply couldn't come up with one word for 2010. I felt that it would be limiting. But today, as I think about different aspects on my life, and my attitude about it, I realize that my word for 2010 is "forward".

I am no longer lamenting on the slow processes of life. As long as I am able to see/feel some sort of forward movement, I am ok. I'm sure you've seen me say before that I am not a patient person. It still applies, but I'm getting better. If I see a little forward progress, it helps me greatly. And if I see no forward progress, I make it happen.

This forward outlook is changing many of my relationships. If I see someone purposefully dragging their feet on a project (because of whatever reason, valid or not), if they are holding up progress, that gets addressed now. I used to hold all the anger and resentment in, yet them continue to hold up progress in my life. No longer. Now I *need* that forward progress, no matter how slow.

If you were to choose your word for 2010 what would it be? Tell me why.


lostsentiments said...


As I read your entry the word that immediately came to mind (for whatever reason) was "grow".

I really anticipate this being a year of dynamic changes for me, and my family. :) :) Good stuff ;)

TheHappySoul said...

Ok, I know you said one word, but I honestly have to pick two. Discovery and Exploration. They go hand in hand, right? lol

2010 has already led me to new discoveries that I am now exploring, and I know that the rest of the year won't be any different. It used to be that I stayed in my bubble, never even looking at the different avenues that passed me by on a daily basis. Now, I am trying to explore so many of them at one time that I need a journal to keep track of them all! Great ideas are coming at me from all directions, some of the best ones coming from you, of course. :) I'm now free enough to explore those avenues, and confident enough to pursue the ones that fit, and walk away from the ones that don't! My year of discoveries and exploration is going to be absolutely fantastic, and I'm looking forward to looking back at the end of the year to see just how far I've come.


designsbykari said...

Ok, my word is "challenge", I will challenge my self to step out of my box, my comfort zone.

I want to try new things and that's always a challenge.

ardee said...

My word is Promise! The world holds many for you, me and everyone around us. We just have to find them, make them and keep them!

Celeste Jean said...

That sky picture is completely gorgeous.

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