Friday, January 8, 2010

Sometimes A Lot of Help is Needed

Yesterday, I was feeling no motivation whatsoever. So I decided to hold myself accountable. I was online, on Etsy, talking to my friends. And I decided, I'd state what I was going to do "I'm going to contact this wine bar about hanging my work there", then as soon as I did it, I'd pop back in and report that.

It worked great. I still had no momentum, but I was checking things off my list, one by one. I submitted 4 photos for possible publishing, I sent query letters to a wine bar, a restaurant, a gallery, and a photography-only warehouse show (1 night). And guess what? shortly after I sent my query to the warehouse people, they had a meeting, and I am in!

I will be among about 40 photographers there. Also there will be gallery reps, photographer agents, newspaper reporters.... I'm thrilled and scared at the same time! That's my good news from yesterday... and I wonder what today will bring.

Without support and encouragement from my friends, this opportunity would have passed me by. I love that I have a group of people that I can lean on and always rely on. It's so important in life!

If you have goals... if you have anything you are striving towards, make sure you have your cheering section intact. Fill their wells and they will fill yours!


designsbykari said...

Congrats and much more success!

Hooray for our cheering section. We are pretty cool! ;)

TheHappySoul said...

YAY sis! I am thankful everyday for the group of friends I have found online. I need that cheering section, not only for encouragement, but also for accountability. Without you and them, I would have never came as far as I have, and this is only the beginning! I cannot wait to see what 2010 has in store for are going to go so far this year, and I'm so proud of you!!!


Miss Meliss said...

That's a great idea! Congrats on getting off your butt and putting yourself out there. And CONGRATS on the warehouse show!!!!



Geoff Schutt said...

The cheering section means so much -- and yet, it doesn't do a thing unless YOU make things happen. And that's exactly what you're doing, Robyn. Congrats!

alilhorseplay/Calico95 said...

wowza, Congratulations! That's incredible way-to-go!!!


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