Monday, January 25, 2010

New Roles

This week I am working on my attitude. I am a planner, and when plans get screwed, I have difficulties. Now, if I can understand why plans are not adhered to, I'm better. But my plans are getting tweaked for no reason.

So. I am putting my foot down. Stating my intentions, that this is the last time this particular plan will be changed. I will be mindful of the deadline coming up, and I will work towards it.

I remember in psychology, learning about group dynamics. In every group, there are the same roles. The 'knowing one' (or the cool one), the uncool one, the bully, etc. And when one person leaves that group, another member of the group will fill that role. I think that's part of why I've moved into this role. I used to be the complacent one, but that role has been taken. So I have to step up, may possibly have to move all the way into the bully role.

I should write a book from my experiences the past few years. It has been that interesting. And perhaps I will.

This week, I will start packing. I can see many trips to goodwill in my future. I'm just going to keep on swimming as Dory would say...


TheHappySoul said...

So proud of you for stepping into the necessary role to ensure what needs to happen actually happens! You are totally inspiring and one of the strongest people I know. The road to your goal may be a difficult one, but when you reach the destination, it will be glorious! Good for you, Sis!


designsbykari said...

So sometimes in life it's OKAY to be the bully. This is one such time. Put your foot down and don't let the complacent flub up your plan.

You will get through this and when it's over you'll bea ble to breathe a sigh of relief.


Anonymous said...

I like to view complacency as being on a treadmill. Yes, you are working, doing, being, but if you are not going anywhere, what is it all for? It's great to step off the treadmill and 'work, do, and be' toward the things that are important to you.

Just because you are stepping out of the role of complacency, doesn't mean you are filling the role of the bully. It just means that you are stepping into a role that is better suited for *you*.


ardee said...

You can do it if anyone can!! You are woman and I hear you roar!!! If I lived near you, I'd be there in a flash to help you pack!! I'm a good mule when it comes to helping my girlfriends!!

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