Friday, January 22, 2010

Support Group

I have made myself accountable to a few people online and off. I have stated my intentions to them. They encourage when they think they need to. They help me toss around ideas. And they weould all be ok if I just enjoyed taking photos. They would be alright if I kept listing them in my Etsy store. They would be ok if I put them on flickr to share. They would all be alright with all of that if I hadn't told them that I want more.

I push the evelope, I put myself out there, and I always state my intentions to my support group. They support each and every step and they cheer me on.

I guess my point is that your support group can only be supportive as you allow them to be. They can only give you the ideas and answers you are looking for if you ask. If you tell me your significant other is not supportive, I'm likely to ask if you've talked to that person about exactly what you want to accomplish. Have you stated your goals? Have you reasoned it out? Have you *asked* for advice, help, support?

Try it... stick your neck out there, be vulnerable, devise a plan, talk it through... state it to those important to you. I bet they will be a source of inspiration and encouragement.


TheHappySoul said...

OMG Yes! I would never do half of the things that I want to do without the support of my friends. Seriously... their opinions and encouragement are what keep me moving forward sometimes. They are priceless and irreplaceable, and I thank the stars everyday for leading me to them! ESPECIALLY you!


designsbykari said...

...and then we'll keep pestering you to see if you've followed through.

Yes, my dear we will keep you on track even when you waiver.

lostsentiments said...

true... so true.. and I've been thinking about sharing on my blog the next huge undertaking for ME - not jsut a craft idea but something that would benefit ME in the long run...

we moved into our house in Ocotber and there is a room called My Room where I can do whatever I want with... and so far have not tackled it... I need that room, but it seems overwhelming to start making it my studio - so I need encouragement, and I need ot push myself. I need to share it so I can be accountable to others and myself. I need a studio, this would be a dream come true for me... :)

in short, will take "the beginning" pics tonight and post them on my blog.

So begins the journey :)

(((((((((robyn))))))))))) thank you, for your post ;)

k8elynne said...

Sticking your neck out there can be scary. What if something causes you not to follow thru, what if you fail, what if? --says the pessimistic.
I tend to be more reserved because I don’t want to be accountable. Just this year I’ve been asking for advice, helping others, etc. It’s been a great learning experience!

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