Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honour Your Dreams

I woke up this morning thinking about 2 things. A long to-do list, and that "Life is good". I feel, for the first time... ever, maybe... that Life is Good. I feel like I am not meant to spin my wheels forever. Like I will work and move forward with purpose.

I have not always felt that way. I have had huge periods of time in my life where I could see my dreams and goals but did nothing whatsoever to move towards them. However, I finally feel like I am moving forward, like I am headed in the right direction.

When I do inventory, I find that some of my dreams got tossed to the side of the road during my travels. They didn't make it to the point I'm now at. And that's ok, that just means that something more ME came along.

Today I will honour my dreams. I will journal about them, and possibly move towards them a bit more. I will acknowledge them and they will reveal more to me.

What are your dreams telling you?


TheHappySoul said...

I'm not really one to dream at all. The universe pulls me in different directions, but without me knowing the purpose or the outcome. Most of my life, I have completely ignored those tugs, but lately I've come to be more aware of the forces pulling me. I've learned to act on them in some way... small or large... and most of the time, something good comes from it. This year, I hope to become even more aware of the pulls of the universe, and I expect even greater outcomes! Hooray for working towards something, whether they are goals, dreams, or unknowns!


Monika's Gifts Galore said...

I love my robyn, always so through provoking.

My dreams have always been pushed to the back, and I've been glad to do it because it's made me happy, but I've come to the point where I want something more for my life, and the decisions are hard.

giggles'N' rainbows said...

Dreams? Most of my life they have been so fleeting…Life gets in the way, or I let life get in the way.
As a giving person, a people pleaser or a self sacrificing type…I let my dreams drop to the bottom of the list; if they made it to the list at all. No more, it will not be all about “Me”, but some of it will be.
Self expression, My dreams, or goals need to be expressed, worked toward or acted upon or I am not a happy camper.
Thank you Robyn for your up building expressions.

k8elynne said...

Funny Comment--my dreams are telling the children to stop crying so I dont have to get out of the warm bed to console them.

Honestly, I tend to put all my dreams aside for my children and family. I want to learn to express myself better, and take better care of my 'me' time :)

Rebecca said...

A dream will not come to be unless you work toward it. Positive additudes and relentless persistance are the best tools you can use for that work.

Thank you for your inspiring messages everyday!

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