Monday, January 18, 2010

Riding the Wave

I've made many pledges to make 2010 a better year. So far, it has been wonderful. Not without it's ups and downs, but knowing the end is near for difficult situations really helps. So, I forge onward. I push through the difficulties.

I ride that wave. I've been moving in new directions, at times, it's like taking a machete and clearing the thick weeds so I can make a path... other times, it's completely smooth and effortless.

One of those paths has taken me to do portrait photography. My first sitting was amazing, I got so many good shots, very easily. So, I decided to take my boys out and take portraits of them. 3 teenage boys who didn't want their picture taken. I learned that if you try to force something, it's not real likely to work. So... back to taking photos of people who WANT their photos taken. And I'll practice with my boys in the meantime as well.

I plan to keep going, wherever this may take me. Yes... wherever this may take me... Because that's the thing with riding the wave. Either you are on or you are off, and while you can affect the direction somewhat, there is no steering wheel.


TheHappySoul said...

Finding new directions and paths can be very challenging. If we are willing to ride that wave to where ever it may lead, it might just surprise us in the end! Hooray for being free enough to travel where that wave takes you, and I know that when you finally get to that destination, it is going to be fantastic!


lostsentiments said...

yes ma'am! sail on Robyn! :) Sail on! The boat may rock in stormy times but so long as you hang on you will not sink! ;)

Celeste Jean said...

"Riding the wave" I like that!

designsbykari said...

I look forward to see where the wave takes you.

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