Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Being Inspired

I took this photo in Utah the last time I was visiting my dad. I just went through my 'Utah Pictures' file and was so inspired all over again. Sunday I am hoping to get some photo time in, though it may be the weekend after. Soon though.

I did go take photos at Portland State University last Sunday. Such a gorgeous area down there, both on the campus, and the area surrounding. So look for some more photos in my shop soon!

I have a lovely bunch of friends that I've met on Etsy, and I've been encouraged to list some sepia-toned photos. Today I hope to tweak some angel photos and list them. I'm slowly getting back in the groove, where I am working forward.
Yesterday, I had a terrible day. Very emotional. All day long at work, I fought back tears. I was just so sad. Many reasons, none of them pressing or new. It was really unusual for me. I didn't market, didn't promote. I almost drove to somewhere to go have a good cry after work. I do know that sometimes that torrential sort of sobbing can be cleansing. But I left work and went home. And I put on a happy face and spent the evening with my boys. They always soothe my soul. Hopefully today will be a better day, emotionally.
Keep an eye out in my shop today for some sepia-tone angel photos. And if you see them, please do give an opinion! Dipping my toes in the water here, and every little bit of input helps! Also, I listed my fairy print yesterday with 'sepia' as one of the alternate photos, so be sure to look at that as well!
I hope today brings everything you need!


Avlor said...

Here's a **hug** and a quick prayer that your day is better.

laruefashions said...

Here is another hug coming your way. Someday, you will realize that this has been a learning lesson.

My husband loves your work as I do. I introduced him to your shop after I joined a BNS that you are on.

My husband is also a photographer. He really likes your work. (He usually picks peoples photography apart, but he didn't say one single negative thing about yours.) I know that doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it is HUGE.

You go girl!

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