Sunday, January 24, 2010

To Hiatus or Not to Hiatus

This is a different angle of the barn. This was taken the same day as that other picture that I posted. I don't blog on the weekends. But last night I tossed and turned about this blogpost. Yesterday, I told my soul sister that I was thinking about going on hiatus from the blog. I like for my blog to be uplifting, to help people. And with the events currently going on in my life, I certainly don't feel uplifting.

However, she pointed out to me that I get as much from my blog as others do. And she was right. She knows my morning routine. I get up, shower, dress, meditate, blog, then do hair and makeup. However... I would never know what I blogged about if I didn't go back and read it. My blogs, for the most part, simply flow from my soul. They are not pre-planned. I occasionally have an idea for a topic, but it hardly ever goes in the direction that I had in mind.

So, as my divorce unfolds, I may take a day off here and there, if I'm moving, or for some other reasons... but I am not going on hiatus. I need to hear what I have to say as much as anyone else does. I apologize ahead of time if the quality is compromised for a week or two. I will be going through a difficult time, but I will happily travel through to the other side with my friends, loved ones, and readers.


TheHappySoul said...

YAY Sis! I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging! I really do think that it will help you as much as it helps others. Your soul is a beautiful shining light to many people, and when you let us see it, you are bound to get the positive reinforcement that you need. I love you, hon! We'll all be right here with you.


designsbykari said...

Thank goodness, I sure would miss this. It's part of MY routine now too.

That being said, there is no reason to appologize for needing to have a day here and there without the commitment of the blog!

We'll be here when you return. :)

giggles'N' rainbows said...

Hmmm, is it being a bit selfish to want you to continue? Maybe, but I’ll take anything a pretty picture and a simple thought of a few words. I guess if you need a day or two now and then I could survive, especially if you just throw out a hope, grow, dream, smile, and weed once in a while.
No, joking aside; I just want you to know how much your words have meant to me. Even if I don’t comment, I read your blog every day.
Big hugggggggs!

Rose said...

We're here for you Robyn love. If you don't feel like blogging a day, take that day for yourself. I do love reading your words, but everyone needs time to heal too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're going through a rough's hoping that blogging provides you with a peaceful, beautiful place!

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