Monday, December 8, 2008

Amazing Weekend

What an amazing weekend it's been! Satur day we went to the Saturday Market and walking through Portland. I got a lot of architectural photos. Sunday we went to Newport to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Both days were rewarding in their own right. This photo is from one of our malls. I loved how the clouds looked through the skylight.

The trip to the aquarium was different than the time we went before. I had my camera in hand this time! We stopped a couple of times along the drive (if I had stopped at every beautiful photo opportunity, we could have been on that road for weeks!), and I took so many pictures while at the aquarium.

We also strolled around the waterfront and went into many of the shops. Some would be wonderful homes to my journals, so I brought home business cards to contact them about selling my journals through there. I have been trying to get together a marketing plan for the coming year. And if any of you have affordable framing suggestions for my photos, I'd love to hear them!

Today a friend is coming to work to pick up her custom made journal, and to look over my others for gift ideas. I'm so excited that my journals will be given as gifts to so many people this Christmas!


Melissa said...

Best of luck with the stores. I actually did that too and got 5 into one store. One's better than none! It is absolutely fabulous when you make a journal and know that someone else is going to share their soul-journey with it. Ahhhhh.....

~Happy Hearts~

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