Tuesday, December 30, 2008

on my birthday...

I absolutely love this photo. I purposefully focused on the drops of rain on the window and the background is blurring by... taken during a really long road trip. It's called "Life passing by". I added it to my Etsy shop yesterday, though honestly I don't know that it will appeal to anyone but me. But that's ok... I love love love it.

Time has been zooming forward since Christmas. It always does this for me. The space between Christmas and my birthdy seems non-existent. But here we are... the holidays are over, my birthday is here.

I am 37 today. My friend Connie did my numerology and 3+7= 10... 1+0=1, and 1 means... "focus of ones creative energy & to use tools & instruments to manifest ones desires. New beginnings."

How exciting is that??? I'm so there right now... I have my new beginnings and I'm focusing my creative energy! Life is good!

My birthday wish is many faceted. I wish for happiness, I wish for all I need, I wish for health, I wish for love, I wish for deep friendships. And I wish that for all of you as well. Funny thing is... I've already got all that!

Thank you for the amazing, irreplaceable role you play in my life!


jennlui said...

YAY yay YAY!!! happy happy glittery sparkly BIRTHDAY robyn!!!

i wish for you everything your heart desires, but it is so heartwarming to read you are already full to the brim!!! cheers to you!!!

have a fabulous day and celebrate your heart out!!! hee hee!!!

peace out

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!
And I L*O*V*E this photo! love it!
very very cool. Keep capturing those things that you love,love, love... they are incredible!

Geoff Schutt said...

You're just as amazing, Robyn.

Once again, Happy Birthday!

Geoff (Eleanor on my shoulder, as always)

Anonymous said...

What a great year it has been. What a gorgeous picture. Absolutely wonderful :)

Have a terrific day :)

all my love, your sister-in-law

Melissa said...

Oh man, so sorry I missed your b-day Robyn. Darn holidays sweeping me up and away!

happy, Happy, HAPPY, most happiest of belated birthdays to you Robyn -phavorite photographer of mine!

I wish you bliss'full bubbles to float around in all year!

~Wonderful Wishes~

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