Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A break, but more snow tomorrow!

This is my back porch... well, patio. Two things I adore, my bamboo wind chimes and my prayer flags...

The snow is awesome! Not so great to drive in... but it's beautiful! Tomorrow, another storm is expected. Today I will go to work and rock people's world. (cute pun, doncha think?? I work in a sand and gravel pit... seems no-one stockpiled sanding rock this year and we have some emergency orders).

Things are progressing in my life... I updated journal photos on my Etsy site, updated all of my journal descriptions, today I'm giving a bit more info on my photography. I have big hopes for the coming year, and I'm raising the bar now.

Regarding my radio interview: it will be on I will get a direct link from them to my interview, in the meantime, you should set up your free account and bookmark the site if you'd like to listen in!

I went to craft warehouse on Sunday... we don't have one real close to us, so I combined it with a trip and went to the one in Salem. I will be making photo coasters soon... and got lots of ideas. I hope to have more photo items for sale soon.

My life is all about that Etsy shop these days, huh? It really is... I'm in planning mode. I need to figure out what I want for the next year... the next 5... 10....

I won yesterday!!!! I'm a winner! There is an artist here in Portland who I absolutely love... her name is Ryan and her stuff can be found here. Anyway, I read her blog... it can be found here. And I entered her drawing... now I get to pick a photo block of my very own!! I'm so excited. Like I said, Ryan is local... if I ever met her I would probably hyper-ventilate! I just think she is amazing....

So... taking tons of stuff to do at work today. I will be a little busier today than yesterday but I will still have tons of free time.


Melissa said...

Bamboo chimes huh? I love mine too! Lately I've been hearing them blowing around outside in the chilly wind. I had a boyfriend MANY years ago that had a set. I loved them. A few years ago, I was finally lucky enough to get one for me. yay. Those prayer flags are great too.

We're having a wintery storm here today. Brrrrr.

Looking forward to that interview.

~Rock (salt) On~

Ryan *girl said...

You made me giggle :) I am glad you are excited about your block :) & you have a gorgeous blog.

Now go pick the one you want! :D


agoodwitchtoo said...

It seems that Etsy overtakes a lot of our lives :)

Congratulations on such a fabulous win! I checked out her shop and it is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

Geoff said...

All CONGRATS to you, Robyn.

You deserve the accolades, the prizes -- the best.

"You do, yes, you do," Eleanor says.

aquariann said...

Gorgeous picture of your patio!! We have rain here and it is not so pretty outside. :p

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