Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

So... today is going to be filled with cleaning, bringing some sort of organization to the living room that's been overtaken with presents, last minute laundry and last minute shopping.

Yesterday, due to the storm, mail was not even delivered in most of the Portland area. I'm waiting for packages from family and I'm getting antsy! I hope they deliver today. I've never heard of the mail not being delivered.

We went and played in the snow yesterday. We went to a local park and had so much fun! I took a ton of photos, and I will be working on a portfolio soon.

Today will be busy, and it's time to run.... Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


kim* said...

my last present didnt make it in the mail, boo---- :) hope yours did

Geoff Schutt said...

Happy Merry Christmas Eve, now, as I write this, Robyn.

May you enjoy many blessings this season, as we head toward 2009.

Eleanor and I send positive thoughts and energy your way, always.

To the season!
To the words and pictures!
To the act of creating!

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